Exploring the book and its reader in today’s society through digital projects, workshops, events and exhibitions. My Bookcase approaches the book not as a hermetic object, but one that can be deconstructed and explored through art, architecture, design, and literature, as well as with communities beyond these fields.

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Based in Barcelona & Amsterdam, My Bookcase works both locally and internationally with a wide variety of organisations and individuals including libraries, bookshops, art galleries, publishers, companies and creative spaces as well as writers, publishers, designers, artists, readers and researchers.

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My Bookcase
was founded in 2014 by designer Cristina Garriga.

Founder/ Directors
Cristina Garriga, My Bookcase Amsterdam
Julia Doz, My Bookcase Barcelona

Currently working with
New Modernist Editing
The Museum of Loss & Renewal

Readers & Publishers
Publication Studio Glasgow

Previously worked with

Post-publishing, Coventry University
Making Public, Institute of Network Cultures
Cample Line
Printing Plant Art-Book Fair
CCA Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow
Mairi Lafferty
Encarna! (Aimar Pérez Galí & Mar Medina)
MAMA, Rotterdam
Publication Studio Rotterdam
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
ESDAP Escola Superior d’Art i Disseny de Vic, Catalunya
Fito Conesa
Habitació 1418
Sala d’Art Jove, Barcelona
Humberto Schwab Filosofia
The Whisky Bond
Flores&Prats Architecture Studio
Barcelona Activa
Oxfam Books Byres Road
The Project Café
Plantin Institut voor Typografie
Dorian Jose Braun
Melia Hotels International
Market Gallery
Glasgow Women’s Library
Glasgow International
Book Works
Master of Artistic Research, KABK, The Hague
Book Week Scotland
House for An Art Lover
Glasgow School of Art Library
Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
Glasgow Art Club
Glasgow School of Art Archives & Collections
Outset Scotland
A Feral Studio
Glasgow School of Art School of Design
Edwin Pickstone
Artstore Glasgow

My Bookcase guest speakers/authors/artists
Francis McKee
David Maroto
Astrid Vorstermans (Valiz publishers)
Jasper Coppes
Daniel Lee
Amy Todman
Tessa Lynch
Jenny Richards
Rhona Warwick
Alberta Whittle
Kristina Bengtsson
Lauren Printy Currie
Maria Fusco
Sarah Tripp
Katie Schwab
Sarah Forrest
Laura Edbrook
Joanna Peace
Robert Wringham
Andrew Miller
Alastair McIntosh
Alasdair Gray
Edwin Pickstone
The Walking Library
Jacki Parry
Sans Façon
Ian Balch
Jim Colquhoun
David Harding

Previous collaborators

Katie Reid, director of My Bookcase Glasgow (2016-2019)
Jenny Brownrigg, Exhibitions Director at Glasgow School of Art (My Bookcase Advisory Board)
Mark Daniels, Executive Director at New Media Scotland (My Bookcase Advisory Board)
Alison Fitzsimons, Tinley Bestinvest (My Bookcase Advisory Board)
Paul Frame, Managing Director at Tinley Bestinvest (My Bookcase Advisory Board)
Rob Morrison, Founder, Taktal (My Bookcase Advisory Board)
Adele Patrick, Glasgow Women’s Library (My Bookcase Advisory Board)
Joel Galvez, web designer
Joanna Peace, artist and writer
Neil Scott, designer and developer
Steven Swinney, graphic designer
Alice Rooney, graphic designer
Doris Panholzer, graphic designer and artist
Amy McIlhenny, graphic designer
Kirsty McBride, graphic designer
Ruth Kirkby, graphic designer
Martin Godfrey, UX Consultant
Lee Boyce, web developer

Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise
The Whisky Bond