All This Stuff: Archiving the Artist by Judy Vaknin, Karyn Stuckey, Victoria Lane

  • Publisher LIBRI Publishing
  • ISBN 978 1 907471 76 6
  • Year 2013
  • Tagged
  • Location Glasgow

I will recommend this book to any person researching archives. It focuses on the relationship between artists and archives.

Of special interest is Athanasios Velios’ article ‘Archive as Event: Creative Archiving for John Latham’ where he explains the Ligatus project of creating an archive not as an objective approach if not acknowledging to the limits the person behind its creation, the archivist hand. Worth visiting:

Other chapters are for instance ‘The Impossibility of Archiving in the Mind of an Artist Still Living’ by Bruce McLean and Donald Smith or ‘Artists and Archives: A correspondence’ by Uriel Orlow and Ruth Maclennan.

I think you are using the word archive inaccurately

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