Flow Country Book

FLOW COUNTRY is a collaboratively written piece of fictocritisism by artist Jasper Coppes and archaeologist Daniel Lee. It is designed by My Bookcase and published by Publication Studio Glasgow & My Bookcase.

Based on their earlier cinematographic ventures into a contested site in the far North of Scotland, the book is a reconnaissance of real and imagined sites – taking shape as a liquid land that fluctuates between blanket bog, film emulsion and literary space. The book offers a possible way out of the many ‘transformation-narratives’ that tried to exploit or reform this vast terrain.

The book will soon be available online at Publication Studio webiste. If you’d like to pre-order a copy of ‘Flow Country‘ now, send us an e-mail to order one. The book is 15€ (including VAT) plus postage costs.



Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
5th of May 2018

Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
In the context of ‘CATALOGUE’ exhibition curated by Publication Studio Rotterdam.
12th of May 2018


Photography: Charlotte Brand