Oxfam Books Byres Road @ My Bookcase

Are you in Glasgow and would you like to take part of a community of commited readers with whom to exchange books and knowledge?

The second hand bookshop Oxfam Books Byres Rd. is creating a community around its bookshop to promote reading and the sharing of books. This initiative is supported by My Bookcase by providing an online structure at the Platform as well as an offline one within the bookshop.


Visit Oxfam Books Byres Rd. to learn more about this initiative or take part today by following the next steps:

1. Once you know which book/s to contribute to this new community, visit My Bookcase Platform and register for free.

2. Create an online profile where to catalogue the book/s you would like to add to the community by adding the book details and an image of the book cover. Also add any personal information you would like to share such as name, website…

2. Visit the bookshop of Oxfam Books Byres Rd. in Glasgow and add the book to the paper catalogue. You can find this at My Bookcase structure within the bookshop.

3. Browse the paper catalogue at the bookshop or the online one at My Bookcase and discover books, connect with fellow readers in Glasgow and borrow/lend books.

4. Arrange to meet in Glasgow to exchange books and knowledge. If you can’t meet to borrow/lend a book, take it to Oxfam Books Byres Rd. bookshop and leave it at the counter to pick it up.

330 Byres Road , Glasgow , G12 8AP
Monday – Saturday: 0930-1800
Sunday: 1200-1800