Pensar / Clasificar / Publicar

Pensar / Clasificar / Publicar
How do we classify what we think?
How do we think when we want to classify?

Tuesday 17th of July, 16.30-19.00
Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona

On occasion of the launch of ‘Future Architecture Platform’ in Barcelona and the presentation of ‘Archifutures’ publication series and the YTAA (Young Talent Architecture Award) 2016/18 catalogues, My Bookcase was invited to run a workshop at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, reflecting on the future of architecture and the act of publishing.

Working with a selection of texts from the publications as the departing point of the workshop, participants were able to create a bespoken publication as a group. Taking the role of the editor, we looked at the usually hidden processes of creating an editorial compilation. The selection of articles in a compilation follows a certain narrative, enabling the reader to create connections between them. The sequence of the articles also offers cohesion to the publication as a whole and its different voices, generating an alive thinking process.

The workshop made visible those thinking processes that are needed to classify, relate and generate an order amid different voices. Working as a group we enabled this thinking to be a collective one, adding our voice to the ones of the articles and enabling a conversation between book and reader.

A workshop by My Bookcase, dpr-barcelona & Fundación Mies.

Photographs by dpr-barcelona & My Bookcase.