Ann at Highwood Hall: Poems for Children by Robert Graves

  • Publisher Penguin
  • ISBN 9781609807436
  • Year 2017

Book from ‘La Casa de Robert Graves’ selected for Gran Meliá Victoria Library Collection.

Ann at Highwood Hall: Boisterous, witty, and enchanting, this collection of children’s poems by Robert Graves–with iconic drawings by Edward Ardizzone–will delight any young reader. First published over 50 years ago, this is a faithful reproduction of the 1964 original that was published in the United States and Great Britain.

La Casa de Robert Graves: British poet and author Robert Graves (1895-1985) lived in Deià, Mallorca, from 1929 until his death. He is buried under a great cypress tree in the lovely churchyard next to the church. His house in Deià was acquired by the Fundació Robert Graves and has been refurbished and adapted for visitors.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria