ENDEAVOUR by Kristian Zara

  • Publisher Self publishing
  • ISBN 9780244906870
  • Year 2017

Through these personal notes, I bring my writings as raw material (written in the Albanian language) with an interpretation in the English language alongside. By this
I want to show the hidden part of a reflective approach of an artist’s psyche,
and to make the reader think from a different angle, that is to say, a different observation of the same topic.
Also, throughout this book, I want to show the very early material that appears before the development of each artwork, and how I deal, as an artist, with the complexity of the unconscious by focusing on the symbolism of images [influenced by C.G Jung’s theory of symbols]. This outcome can be called too, as conceptual space of a conscious perception of the Cosmos related to images of the world within and without. In its content, you will see directions rather than definitions.

Kristian Zara