Fragmentarium by Kasper Eistrup

  • Publisher Forlaget Aftryk
  • ISBN 978-87-995838-7-4
  • Year 2017

A book selected by CCA Andratx for Gran Meliá Victoria Library Collection.

Fragmentarium: A survey of visual work by Kasper Eistrup from the past 10 years. The artistic voice of Kasper Eistrup has been shaped by the collision of several elements, in part by images within images collectively creating a new and expanded narrative.He himself calls it “fragmentarism”, the technical implication being the utilization of both drawing and painting, frequently in the same piece. Even within his painting you find great reach, from meticulous photo-realism to pure expressionism. In similar fashion pieces are often crafted from a number of visual elements, all painted and drawn painstakingly by Eistrup. The undeniable fulcrum is without fail people and the meeting between people – for better and for worse. Or to phrase it differently: life as we live it here and now.

CCA Andratx: CCA is one of the largest centres of Contemporary Art in the Balearic Islands as well as in the rest of Europe. The CCA Andratx was founded in 2001
by Jacob and Patricia Asbaek. The 4.000 m2 building hosts a Kunsthalle, a Gallery and a Residency program where more than 700 artists have participated, worked and exhibited throughout the past 17 years. It also has a café and a beautiful mountain garden full of orange and almond trees.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria