Gaudí en Mallorca. Los hierros y otras actuaciones by Gabriel Vicens Font

  • Publisher Colegio de Aparejadores de Mallorca
  • Year 2002

Book selected as part of ‘Majorca Cathedral’ selection of Gran Meliá Victoria library.

Gaudí en Mallorca. Los hierros y otras actuaciones: Since there has been very little information found around the forge work of Gaudí, an exhaustive research was developed. Researchers have found pieces in Majorca Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace, as well as in the Montesión Church. The book contains drawings of each of the pieces for the reader to observe its details and shapes as well as their construction process. The second part of the book explores the architectural reformation Gaudi performed in the Cathedral and its different parts.

About Majorca Cathedral: The construction of Majorca Cathedral, often called La Seu, began in the 13th century. It is a Levantine Gothic-style cathedral (characterised
by using a German-style hall layout) and it has one of the largest rose windows in the world, known as “the Gothic eye”. Its nave is also one of the highest in any European Gothic cathedral.

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