Good Good Good by João Drumond

GOOD GOOD GOOD features work by João Drumond and is the first of a series where João Sobral intends to explore the original meaning of the word fanzine (an amateur publication put together by fans of a particular topic for the pleasure of others who might share that interest) by designing and producing small booklets with old work from artists he admires, acknowledging his admiration for them and championing their art. About the first chosen artist, João wrote:

“João Drumond is a Portuguese graphic designer and artist. His drawings always seem to somehow explore obscure and unsafe places of the human mind in a very cautious and patient way: always wandering with an intent but without a destination; making appropriate questions and never giving simplistic answers. They reveal a subtle yet very appealing intelligence and humor, and they often give me a sense of calm, reminding me not to rush things.“

O Panda Gordo