Isabel Muñoz by Isabel Coixet

  • Publisher Lunwerg
  • ISBN 9788497855938
  • Year 2009

Book selected by Spanish photographer Manuel Outumuro for BRAVOS collection by Gran Meliá.

Born in Barcelona, 1951, Isabel Muñoz is a self-thaught photographer with an incredible capacity to take risks in oder to enrich her personal artistic language. Muñoz studied collage, lighting and specialized in platinotype at the same time as finding in the body and human gestures her principal themes such as in Tango, Flamenco and Oriental Dance. These series moved her towards a more social face such as the works of Camboya, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kurdistán and Mexico. In 2009 Muñoz received the Bartolomé Ros Award.

Bravos by Gran Meliá