L.O.R.C.A by VV AA

  • Publisher ALKIBLA
  • ISBN 978-84-944669-7-7
  • Year 2017

This book has been selected by actress Leonor Watling for BRAVOS collection by Gran Meliá.

L.O.R.C.A. contextualises the poetic, narrative and drama practice of Federico García Lorca from different perspectives. The original visual material compiled in this book encompasses Lorca’s poems, playwrights, conferences, etc. aiming to offer a cross sectional look at his production supported by the different book parts: political identity, historical memory and gender perspective.

With illustrations by Juan Carlos Mestre (National Poetry Award 2009) together with the work of Emilio Silva (President of the Memory Recovery Association) and the photographs of Clemente Bernard.

This book is not an essay about the poet, neither an academic analysis of the key points of his practice, if not that it aims to celebrate the spirit of his life and work through an experimental, joyful, surprising and abstract format; a book that combines form and content in line to the vital, literary and creative style of Federico García Lorca.

Bravos by Gran Meliá