Lapon d’une Renne / Voyages into the arctic regions by Stijn Verhoeff

‘My collection of digital errata is growing rapidly. Perhaps it is time to take it to the Library of Congress in Washington. Or, somewhat closer to home, I could bring it to the Royal Library in The Hague, because I just read on the Internet that this Dutch Library, too, will be scanned by Google Books. Before 2013, they want to have finished scanning 160,000 books. Shall I quickly drop by and give them a taste of what will happen to their collection? Or should I quietly wait for the day that my collection, too, will be scanned? …’

Artist Stijn Verhoeff instead decided to produce this marvellous art object in the form of a book where the illusion of the vast ocean is compared to the illusion of the Internet.

I think you are using the word archive inaccurately

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