Por qué vivo en Mallorca by Robert Graves, Paul Hogarth

  • Publisher José de J. Olañeta
  • ISBN 8476516371
  • Year 2002

Book from ‘La Casa de Robert Graves’ selected for Gran Meliá Victoria Library Collection.

Por qué vivo en Mallorca: Robert Graves explains his reasons on choosing the Spanish island of Mallorca to live and his words are turned into beautiful images by Paul Hoghart.

La Casa de Robert Graves: British poet and author Robert Graves (1895-1985) lived in Deià, Mallorca, from 1929 until his death. He is buried under a great cypress tree in the lovely churchyard next to the church. His house in Deià was acquired by the Fundació Robert Graves and has been refurbished and adapted for visitors.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria