The Miró Eye by Joan Punyet Miró

  • Publisher La Fabrica
  • ISBN 978-84-16248-07-0
  • Year 2015

Book selected by Franciso Copado, director of Miró Mallorca Fundació for Gran Meliá Victoria Library Collection.

The Miró Eye: A room full of curios, but not the curios we are accustomed to. Objects of all kinds, mainly round in shape and blue, red or green in colour, all arranged side by side in glass cases following the order cleverly dictated by the eye of Miró. Multicoloured toys, plants, folk art figurines, humble stones that seem to lie in wait…
This “visual alphabet” of paper, glass, feathers, wood, plastic, breadcrumbs, zinc or clay was put together by Miró for himself, without ever explaining the reason why to the few visitors allowed into his studios. Luckily, all these objects have been preserved unchanged in the very places where Miró put them. Jean Marie del Moral photographed them not as an inventory but as part of a conversation with the artist’s memory. From the small salt shaker with the blue logo that accompanied the Air France meal trays in the sixties to the defecating figurine, or caganer, typical of Catalonia, these photographs admirably recreate the universe of Miró and his special way of looking at things. They guide us from Son Arbines to Son Boter, casting light on essential details and providing us with a key to the imagination of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. In his text, Joan Punyet Miró recalls the highlights of the life and work of his grandfather, the man with the moon-shaped face who taught him how to listen to the silence.

Miró Mallorca Fundació: A cultural centre based on the art studios that artist Joan Miró bequeathed to the public. It offers visitors an insight into his artwork and underlying creative process in the place where the artist lived and worked for almost 30 years.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria