• Name

    The Katy Dove Caravan

  • About

    The Katy Dove Caravan residency is a continuation of The Caravan Residencies set up by artists Sarah Kenchington, Belinda Gilbert Scott and Katy Dove in 2005. It is situated on a dairy farm at the foot of the Campsie Fells, near Balfron.

    The three friends recognised the benefits of having time to develop work away from the city, undistracted from pressure or deadlines. They put the word out that a caravan was available for use as a creative or reflective space. A wide range of artists, musicians and writers took part. They used their time to experiment and be playful, to work on ideas, writing, making films, music and impromptu performances.

    The work created was shown through The Caravan Club, a series of experimental performance events at the farm, and Open Field an exhibition at the CCA in Glasgow.

    The current residency project The Katy Dove Caravan, honors the work, energy and spirit of its former owner and co-founder of The Caravan Residencies, Katy Dove. It is a continually evolving project, which creates a self-organising and fluid creative community.

  • Location

    Balfron, Glasgow