Publication : MARchive

On Summer 2015 My Bookcase was invited to translate its vision into a printed format. The MARchive is an annual publication from the Master of Artistic Research in the Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire, The Hague; with contributions by students and alumni.

My Bookcase responded to the aims of the MARchive publication and the invitation of its editor Kristina Benjocki, by creating a unique bibliography; the MARchives References. Acting as a mirror of the community behind the printed page.

This list was created from the responses of contributors to the open call that My Bookcase sent out. Each contributor was asked to provide a selection of 5-10-20 books/texts from their personal libraries that were important references for their work/life. Books could be anything, from the traditional format, an article, song, performance script, radio show, podcast, talk… any reference containing written or spoken words, on paper or screen.

The MARchives References enables one to enter into the personal and intellectual environment with which each contributor surrounds him or herself, echoing the aims that the programme of the MAR has set forth. It also proves a new perspective on contemporary art practice throughout he work of the students at the MAR, which might inspire the reader for further exploration.

This publication is available for download online.

Colophon: Edited by Kristina Benjocki /// Designed by Meeusontwerpt & Stien Stessens /// Printed by Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel.
ISBN 978-90-822397-1-3