Editorial residency : Flores&Prats Architects


During the summer of 2016 we were invited to take up a residency at the inspiring Flores&Prats architecture studio, in the city of Barcelona. There, we worked for a month in their archives exploring the idea of how to share with a broader audience their recently finished project ‘Theater Sala Beckett’.

Through an editorial work of exploring their archives, we created a series of panels that offered the architects an overview of the material forming the Sala Beckett project; a project that expanded through the years of 2011-16 and where the history and layers of the previous occupations played an important role.


Flores&Prats is a studio based in Barcelona formed by architects Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats. Each of their projects – residential buildings, art centres, museums, theatres as well as exhibitions and books – have an attention to detail that comes from a work thought by hand and through the process of model making.

The new building of Theater Sala Beckett maintains the spatial characteristics of the original building and with a transformation of the existing building, old and new work at the same time: a place where one will find signs of previous occupations, but where the whole building is actualised for the new use: The New House for the Dramaturges.